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Monday, 10 December 2012

Drawing of Thaxted

Thaxted Essex drawing
Thaxted Essex

So beautiful. In 2000 I very nearly bought a cottage in Orange Street, off of Town Street, Thaxted in Essex. My study looks up the rise of Town Street towards Watling Steet, and from this view you can see why I was drawn to it.

The drawing of Thaxted looks up towards our focal point, Thaxted Guild Hall dating from c.1450, and Parish Church of St.John pointing its slim tower into the heavens. Close by id Thaxted's Windmill, doubtless I will illustrate at some point so watch these pages. Its name is Old English for "place where thatch was got.

You can almost hear the music of Gustav Holst, a long term resident of "The Manse', Town Street, Thaxted when you dwell close by. His house is in the left middle ground of my drawing. No doubt Gustav drew inspiration from Thaxted's and Essex's beauty.

Please choose original drawing or hand signed print:

Drawing of Town Street, Thaxted, Essex
Hand signed and annotated A4 Print of pen and ink drawing on 90lb watercolour paper £14.99
Original 12" x 9" pen and ink drawing on 140lb watercolour paper £125
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