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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Drawing of Flatford Mill

Flatford Suffolk art drawing
Flatford Mill

Last weekend was my first visit to Flatford to see the scenery that England's very own treasure - John Constable painted. The site still held its charm for the artist - especially in the autumn when the trees are so much more destinctive - some naked - some in their best orange and gold and some holding on to their finest greenery.

This drawing of Flatford Mill is located just at the end of the Haywain and opposite Willy Lott's Cottage. On my day the sun was bright and warm and perfect for capturing the lovely scene casting dark shadows describing the form of the building. There are more to come from this special place and I can't wait to get started on the next.

I must say that I was rather disappointed that the National Trust either instigated, or allowed, an eyesore of a flat roofed modern cafe to bully and spoil the view across the river to Bridge Cottage, and adjacent to the dry dock - both subjects of Constable's famous paintings. It has all the subtlety (and appearance) of a Normandy gun emplacement. They had already built a visitor's centre and car park with toilets out of sight so why not house the toilet-less cafe there? Can there be anywhere worse than plonked in the middle of some of England's best loved vistas.

We need to better preserve our heritage for all.

Please choose original drawing or hand signed print:

Flatford Mill, Suffolk illustration
Hand signed and annotated A4 Print of pen and ink illustration on 90lb watercolour paper £14.99
Original 12" x 9" pen and ink illustration on 140lb watercolour paper £125
© Robert R Wisdom 2012   

FYI: The unfortunate siting of the cafe blocking the view